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Financial Planning

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Welcome to B & B Bookkeeping & Tax Service, Inc.

Is bookkeeping wearing you and your pencils down and taking time away from your business and family?  

Then you have come to the right place at the right time!  You can have a personal bookkeeping system designed just for you!  You don't even have to bring your paperwork to us.  We will come and get it from you once a month.

Business Management Problems?  Not for us!  Our knowledgeable staff will discuss, analyze and help solve your problems.

We provide a complete printout of all your business transactions, including breakdowns of both sales and purchases to the level you want.  All your expenses will be itemized and totaled by current month and year-to-date.

There are always two copies of your records, one for you to keep at your home or office and one we keep at our office as a backup.  With two copies of your records you can run your business and not worry about the security of your records.

Tired of fighting with taxes?  We compile all tax returns including state sales tax, federal and state payroll taxes, income taxes as well as estimated income taxes.

Need other financial services? We have recently partnered with Curtis Collins, CPA, CFP, to provide  those services to our clients.

Solving your problems since 1972, we feel that what we have learned we cam be of great value to you whether you are an individual, partnership, or corporation. Contact us today. We would be honored to serve you.

Small town personality, Big firm capability!

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